Ever since November 2017 when the Uber Visa Card was launched, I've been a proud cardmember. I've teamed up with Uber to share my personal experience using the card and while I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.

I spent New Year's Eve weekend in Vermont with a huge group of friends. This was our 2nd annual trip and we had an absolute blast!  All travel related expenses like hotels, airfare, vacation rentals like Airbnb earn 3% back with the Uber Visa Card*.  I was psyched to use my card to book the Airbnb for the trip since I earned $72 back!  

Photo by Terrrence Young

I knew it was going to be bitterly cold while in Vermont and it sure was (-12°F)!  Online purchases earn 2% back* using the Uber Visa Card, so I ordered some cold winter gear to be prepared.  I think my eyelashes would still be frozen if it weren't for the googles!  

Photo by Terrence Young

Take a look at this... besides the Barclay's site listing transactions, it even shows how many rewards you've earned for each purchase. I earned 387 points for my lift ticket and rental for the day.

Four of us made it out on the bitterly-cold slopes, the others were 'hydrating' back at the Airbnb house.

When it was time to warm up and hit the lodge, I earned BIG.  Every dollar spent at restaurants, bars, takeout and Uber Eats earns 4% back*.

Photo by Terrence Young

Besides earning tons of rewards for everyday purchases, I earned a one-time bonus of 10,000 points ($100) after spending only $500 within the first 90 days of opening the account*.  On top of that, since I pay my cell phone bill with my Uber Visa, I'm eligible for $600 theft or damage reimbursement on the phone*.

Photo by Terrence Young

Over the course of the entire weekend, I earned over 9,500 points ($95) and left Stowe with a huge smile on my face!  For more information or to apply, click here:  UBER VISA CARD

*Terms and conditions apply. To learn more visit WWW.UBERVISACARD.COM

HoMedics® Sports Recovery Massagers

Ah, muscles. Whether you want yours lean and sinewy or big and bulky, muscle manipulation and care is essential to a healthy body. But exercise alone is not enough for proper muscle maintenance. That’s why I love the incredible HoMedics® Sports Recovery Massagers for muscle rejuvenation and thrilled when asked to participate in the #NotGonnaStop campaign, sponsored by HoMedics®. While I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.

It seems everyone today is always busy and wants to be in great shape. It’s hard to find time to do it all. When you work all day, it can take every ounce of energy just to get to the gym and the last thing you want to do is stay longer to focus on bouncing back after a grueling workout. Trust me, I know - not only do I teach fitness classes all day long, but I’m constantly walking through the streets of New York, so at the end of the day I. AM. TIRED. So are my muscles. And while professional massages are great (who doesn’t love them?!), not everyone has the time (or money) to run out to the spa and get one. That’s the fantastic thing about the HoMedics® Sports Recovery Massagers. Not only do they truly work to rejuvenate tired muscles, but they are also so convenient. They’re perfect to keep at home for the boost your muscles need, but they’re also compact enough to carry around with you.  The HoMedics® GladiatorTM Vibration Foam Roller even has a built-in compartment for your keys, money, and other small items! And, every product in the Homedics® Sports Recovery Massagers line includes vibration to help achieve total muscle comfort.

I’ll tell you why these work so great for me, and how they can work wonders for you too, because when it comes to muscle health, I’m #NotGonnaStop, and neither should you.

Photo:  John Smith

Photo:  John Smith

The HoMedics® GladiatorTM Vibration Foam Roller — This is not your average foam roller. With multiple foam textures and battery operated vibration, this product gives my muscles exactly what they need after exercising. I love to use it at home on my legs after a full day of teaching at SWERVE or throw my keys and credit card in the secret compartment and bring it with me to gym to use after leg day. The three vibration massage intensities are key, offering customization to fit what my body needs that day.

Photo:  John Smith

The HoMedics® MercuryTM Percussion Massager with Heat —  On Tuesday night after teaching six classes, this is my go-to for muscle relaxation. The powerful percussion action combined with heat and variable intensity is the perfect combo for soothing aching muscles after a tough class or training session. The three attachments (pressure point, heat, and contour) targeting different areas are the final component in creating the perfect massage.

Photo:  John Smith

The HoMedics® VertexTM Vibration Stick Roller — Some days it just feels like certain muscles (like my quads) are more overworked than others. Here, the mix of six independent spinning rollers for stretching and loosening, in conjunction with trigger point ends with targeted pressure massage for releasing tightness is the ideal solution for my worn-out muscles.

Photo:  John Smith

All the products I’ve mentioned as well as amazing others are available from Homedics.com® and also sold at Target.com and Rite-Aid (in-store only). Check them out and your body will thank you. We New Yorkers never stop because life never stops. HoMedics® knows you’re #NotGonnaStop either, so let their Sports Recovery Massagers take care of your muscles for you. It’s one less thing to worry about so you can tackle everything else with 100%.